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What the Guide Book Doesn’t Say…

by Susan Abraham
Captions: 2009 Christmas Nativity Scene at the General Post Office, Dublin Here are a few photos taken on my cell phone in a hurry on the  animated Christmas nativity scene at the historic General Post Office, on Lower O’Connell Street (main thoroughfare) Dublin. The Christmas decorations were placed just a few days ago to the delight of many tourists and shoppers who stand and watch in admiration.Location: Lower O’ Connell Street (main thoroughfare) Dublin, Ireland.
The copyright status for the famous Nelson Pillar – shot here in 1830 – still statued on O’Connell Street, Dublin to the present day, has expired.

What the Guide Book doesn’t say…

” is that  customer service at the General Post Office on O’Connell Street, Dublin, Ireland, are one of the best I’ve ever come across on my journeys.  The Irish are kindly and efficient and made up of a host of friendly staff who look out for their customers. An opportunity at money collection or bill payment could well result in paternal remarks like “Be careful with your cash… or … you want to be careful now… or “are you sure your pockets will do the trick…” or “…I’ll count it out here so no one sees…” or “…mind how you go now…” or “…are you sure you wouldn’t like an envelope…” etc etc…

Also, expect speed considering that no transaction takes too long and that more  counters are open instead of closed. Of course,  there are also alert inspectors at all times no matter the day or hour who watch out for an unsuspecting customer’s valuables  from baddies, when eyes are bent earnestly on form-filling or stamp-licking.

Honestly, the feeling’s as warm as shaking off a frosty morning with utmost ease by stepping into the formidable building, past  stationed Gardai (police) and straight to a hot cuppa!