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A Great Gran Reads

Quote composed by Susan Abraham

Quick Update

Am in Singapore this morning. Last evening, I was at the Arts House on Old Parliament Lane where the Singapore British Council hosted an excellent dialogue between the popular British novelist Patrick Gale and Singapore’s own endearing Su-Chen Christine Lim. The event was entertaining, light-hearted and educational in many aspects on the writing life in general. The topic was on Gale’s books, his muses, aspirations, writing routine, his philosophies etc etc. The audience seemed to be made just right. A lively spark to observations and questions with comic anecdotes thrown in here and there. A marvellous evening and am so glad I went. Will rewrite this later.

Am leaving for the airport this afternoon and it’s Melbourne on Tuesday.

A Dublin Encounter

by Susan Abraham

At Waterstone’s on Dawson Street, I performed the cardinal sin of being seduced by a sign that said Discover the Old in Winter. Faced with the classics & b/w illustrations, I spied Dickens & a host of fairy tales wear immortality in the spirit of their plots & characters. Where once they mirrored a girlish delight, my evergreen tales now readied themselves for the long low summer of my life, willing nostalgia to hurry before the last sunset. As they wished for me only a flicker of remembrance, I saw it was I who had grown old, the gold seeped off my frail, stale skin and not at all, my beloved fairy tales.

Credit: Clip art coutesy of Download-Free-Pictures