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Bruce Hollingdrake’s Bookshop Blog

‘m careful with animations as a general rule  lest they strike the reader as cheesy but this ticklish picture does give me a slight bounce and subdues the often serious fare that follows any composition on books. Do in this instance, forgive the little lady who dashes out of the bookstore with marathon speed and zooms off in her little black car.  You will agree that she has just stepped out from a rather remarkable building!!

It wasn’t until Bruce Hollingdrake began  following my tweets that I stumbled onto his admirable online site, The Bookshop Blog. His, turns out to be a lively, vibrant portal, specializing with astounding innovation; the numerous subjects often essential to the world of bookselling.

Not only is Hollingdrake’s site splendidly conceived what with its striking unorthodox visual impressions and somewhat encyclopedic topic list – he’s got something for everyone interested in books, bookselling and bookshop ownership – that you’d be hard placed to stay content with just a glance. 

He also commands an expert writing crew on hand who all contribute to assorted topics and by the way, do look out for the longish list of online bookstores. Without a doubt, Hollingdrake mixes a generous amount of talent, pride and passion with which to engulf  the ever-enchanting, eclectic world of books. – susan abraham

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