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The Dogeared Reading Challenge 2010

Here’s another captivating reading challenge: The Dogeared Reading Challenge 2010.

It’s perfect as I’ve collected a stack of unread lovelies…properly dog-eared, properly yellowed & properly old to name but a few kind adjectives. Dublin is famous for its endearing and much-sought-after thoroughly-seasoned reads. I have a quite few books in my collection dating up to 60 or 70 years old. I’ve purchased small piles now and then from the Temple Bar Square on Book Market days during the weekend or otherwise, some splendid secondhand fareĀ  from Chapters Bookstore on Parnell Street.

With my travel and writing commitments this year, I think I can just manage 3 Challenges at the most but the Dogeared Reading Challenge that’s unusual and creative is surely on my list.


Thank You, Dorte

I’ve just signed up for a 2010 blog reading challenge. It’s called the 2010 Global Reading Challenge & I’ve chosen the Expert Category. There is something tender and merry about slipping into literature from various continents as easily as a hand slunk into a fitted glove.

Thank you, Dorte H.