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I’m Reading Chandru Bhojwani

by Susan Abraham

There’s no doubt about it.  Chandru Bhojwani‘s intriguing debut novel, The Journey of Om published in mid-December just last year  and handed to me by the ever-lovely literary agent, Sherna Khambatta ,  currently stays a splendid companion at airports when a meditative spirit may be fervently sought and silenced in mid-flight, somewhere between the rush of a travel upheaval or misplaced poignancy.

Then the selection of  serious fiction which may prove reverential if not alluring to the alert human spirit and this, with which to devour and reflect, is a marvellous opportunity at forgetting a neurotic if you may , turbulence-anxiety.  The Journey of Om – and I am halfway through reading it –  would be skillfully tailored for any long-haul airport passenger.  That much, I have already summed up with relish. Plus the fact, that Bhojwani is himself an avid international traveller.

Now, with  such a noble philosophy ready to be absorbed and cherished, even as I have made my way somewhat mysteriously if not a little triumphantly, and all in the space of one week to Dublin and Kuala Lumpur via Abu Dhabi and then to Singapore and now back in Kuala Lumpur and in 60 hours, onward to Australia; I will steadily read The Journey of Om, scrolling down its pages with careful ease. I will savour all of  the many   rightful poetic conjectures for my watchful heart as an escapade in-between boarding calls and hasty seat belt announcements.  Of course, I hope  to finish the book somewhere soon in the big, blue skies that shroud an ocean.

Philosophical in its theme, The Journey of Om is so far mountaineering up to represent a delicious story from a plot tightly bordering on the erratic zig-zag pursuit of love.  The subjects of everyday romance and eventual loss & betrayal are thoughtfully told and  narrated with smouldering passion, by the dishy Nigerian-based Bhojwani.  Clearly, it is all about introspection. I am enraptured by Bhojwani’s prose as he regales in a masterful  flair bearing a circus of complicated emotions layered gently against an assortment of subdued moods that surround seasons,  a changing environment and an array of familiar objects.

The setting is New York  and other scattered mishaps stay ready to  circle the brooding Om, a protagonist and himself in his search for a missing justice; a ready soothsayer bearing mismatched emotions.

Om while devastated over the onset of a  broken heart from a girlfriend’s betrayal, will later battle alcoholism while a host of characters’ weaknesses and flaws taunt him like tiny demons that refuse to flee.

Bhojwani who has also lived in India and England, is part of an award-winning magazine team.  I will tell you much more about the award-winning short story writer himself, after I finish his first novel.

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