2010 Orange Prize Longlist

Dear Readers,

Here is the 2010 Orange Prize Longlist for Fiction in full, courtesy of the Bookseller, UK. I believe the news is just out. Some featured novelists are my favourites and I currently own many of the titles:

2010 Orange Prize Longlist for Fiction

You may also like to read this  highly interesting perspective by one of its judges Daisy Goodwin, in the Guardian UK today, who talks about how the  many misery stories highlighting gloom and doom among women novelists almost drove her to despair.  Personally, I agree with Goodwin if some status updates I read by quite a few pessimistic women writers on Facebook are anything to go by.

We forget that we make choices about everyday realities. I have swallowed so many common whinges and lamentations  in the last months I joined the social networking site, that I’ve long lost count.


4 responses to this post.

  1. No Asian this year? Last year, there was Preeta Samarasan. Sad.


  2. Hi Asia Writes,

    Not to worry. Roopa Farooki is on it. Like Preeta Samarasan, this novelist also lives in France.
    Roopa Farooki’s website


  3. Oh yes. I missed her name. Thanks much.


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