Diary Jottings

Will start this blog again in a couple of days after I have flown to Dublin and had a good rest in my apartment. I am on the move at the moment and I suppose, desire a more thoughtful and introspective time while writing about my favourite books and other subjects, surrounded by beloved familiar things.
Would make a nice change since I have been travelling intensely from the start of December last year with only a short respite in Dublin so far. My next destination after Ireland is the African Continent.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Sue,
    Just thought I ‘ll take a peek at your website. Sorry to hear that you couldn’t make it to Dubai. Two of my non- writer friends were there but seemed to be more interested in buying diamonds that were 60-70% down in price than anything literary. They were not even aware of the Fest tho they travelled by Emirates! Each to to their own I guess.

    Glad you are back in Dublin for St. Patrick’s day. Have a restful and happy time before your big trek up Kili. Miss you on FB. All the best.



  2. Ha-Ha! 🙂
    I’ll write you a little later, Leela. Just arrived in Dublin. x


  3. Wow! from Dublin to africa. Keep updating us with more lovely posts.


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