5th Note

I apologize for having blogged on hardly anything at all while in Australia, although I’ve been living out some wonderful experiences here.  This was not my original intention. What I didn’t expect was that I would once more after a long time, become so enraptured by this city that I would desire no other wish but to be totally immersed in its natural exuberance and vibrance.  It was the rare time that I dreaded staying behind the computer for more than a minute.  I longed for the gentle sunshine outdoors with its many cool breezes and where a flamboyant mood would be visible to the eye…where its eccentric and playful culture would diligently seek me out.

This week sees me in Dubai but life may be easier as I will have a 24-hour wireless facility in my apartment and can jot things down in between a restful moment or two.  The week after that sees me in London for a few days before I either fly in to Dublin or float away by ferry. I still can’t decide.

My most logical blog escapade would be write out a sequenced pattern of my experiences once I am back in Ireland. My weeks in Dublin would mean having to exercise for the Kilimanjaro climb and it’s back to Tanzania in April.  But at least in Ireland, I would be more settled and I could then talk about authors once more and also, detail with vivaciousness, all the lovely cafes and bookshops that met me these last weeks on my haphazard colourful destiny.


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