4th Note

Is this my 4th note? I had wanted to draw up a  thought-provoking post today but it still isn’t possible as there is so much I want to do. I have just been catching up with Melbourne again after an absence of 5 years.  I have bought a few novels on Middle-Eastern literature. Melbourne is at the end of the day, a highly multi-cultural city with a very good-looking population after all.

At the moment, I just want to stroll about in the sun and go to cafes and do some light shopping for the coming winter months in Ireland.  Des tells me that it is still very cold in Dublin and likely to be so when I return in a fortnight. Next week, will be terribly intense as I will be in Dubai attending some bookish activities but when I return to Dublin before going off again in about a month to the Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, I will have some free time. How wonderful that sounds. Even hedonism is determined to claim every moment of the spirit. You could surround yourself in a life with situations and activities measured steadily against the felicity of enjoyment but even while immersed with a laidback bliss, are able to forget the uncertainties of a watchful, lingering hour.

I still read diligently at nights. I am quite a fast reader and this subconsciously attuned by my impatient dreamy spirit from young.   Perhaps it is simply that when I find something absorbing, I read for long hours without a break, while imbued with passion and fervour.  In this vein, I have just finished “I am Nujood, age 10 and Divorced, an intriguing memoir from Yemen.  Tonight I’m likely to  close the last page to another fat tradeback, a novel tragic, bewitching and tearful at the same time;  called Mornings in Jenin and beautifully composed by Susan Abulhawa.  It talks about the earlier years of Israel’s wars with the PLO in Palestine and Lebanon.  The plot is accompanied by  vivid descriptive scenes which highlight the enormous suffering of the Palestinian people. I bought these titles, both being exciting March 2010 releases; from Dymocks’ large bookstore on Collins Street, Melbourne.


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