And you read it here first… Shamini Flint & Chandru Bhojwani to feature in The Asian Writer UK

by Susan Abraham

You may expect to read an interview soon on Singapore based Malaysian crime writer Shamini Flint who created the famed Inspector Singh mystery series, in an upcoming issue of The Asian Writer, UK. From its humble beginnings, the sophisticated online magazine, brainchild of tech whizz and herself a writer, the industrious Farhana Shaikh of Leicester, England, has now turned into a must-have for any Asian writer seeking to receive a ready popular audience and also enthusiasts eager to devour news on world literature, transported in a somewhat sharpish electrifying fashion and this,  with just a click.  Farhana Shaikh owns a talent for bringing you what’s fashionable and new.

Meanwhile, the highly-talented debut novelist Chandru Bhojwani will also feature in the next issue of the Asian Writer for his deeply introspective novel, Journey of Om.  By the way, Flint will have a new Inspector Singh mystery out in London in  April.  Read more Here.


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