Journeys – Dublin Feb 2010

Caption: Address Book range from RylandPeters & Small

I always miss a friendly city more when I am about to depart from it, no matter the hour or  day nor the absence of a week, month or year.

On this Saturday afternoon in Dublin, the austere wintry mood seems kinder, the crowds fewer and upbeat passers-by susceptible to the adjective cordial rather than glum.

I went downtown to clear some last-minute errands and to pay bills. I ended up lunching at a cafe and then with all of my heart’s warmth cushioning my gloved hands, would browse the stores, looking for novelties and souvenirs for the few  across the oceans, I love deeply.

I am often partial to taking something tiny and Irish with me – call it a quaint good luck charm if you like.   I picked up a card and Valentine gift for Des. He has got me one already.  Plus, I couldn’t have said goodbye at the minute to Dublin without stepping into my favourite bookstore with its stately architecture and one of Ireland’s oldest if not august buildings on Dawson Street, called Hodges Figgis.

To my delight, I  caught sight of the newest multicultural titles and ones  I’ve seen just today.  I will be talking about  these books on my blog from another country, where exactly I’m not sure. In truth, next weekend, I will be thousands of miles away and the weekend after next in another continent and yet the weekend after that fortnight, in yet another region . All this in the wink of an eye or otherwise, rollercoasting a breathtaking solar circle, if you like, before returning to Des. There really is no telling.

Upstairs, I was  gratified to  stumble upon a large, varied range of elegant RylandPeters & Small books, organizers, notecards & journals. From this Eden feast alone, I was almost tempted to embark on a cuisine journey attributed to its use in world iterature.  Most seductive, were the recipe organizers and a cook’s range of enchanting wallet notecards.

I bought a handsome book-notes-journal – the very thoughtfully designed kind that I had been poking around the shelves for what seemed like ages but was always unlucky. It’s a little big but not as weighty as a moleskin. This make it marvellous for a snuggle in my luggage. Now, I’m determined to make this journal one of my many guardian angels.

For starters, it displays beautiful photos in various sizes – tender, chic slabs  of libraries, book-stacks, bookcases and new age lounges where one may most likely find an unlikely book.

There are also literary quotes and binder tags with separate sections for Reading Notes, Favourite Quotes, Books Borrowed and Lent and Recommended Reads. I think it would be the perfect diary for me. Lots and lots of singled lined pages for sketching out thoughts and a new excuse for pencil-chewing. It’s just the thing to keep me enthused about reading and to follow current passions.  My reading tastes  change every few months. I’m keen on serious  multicultural fiction at the moment, I can’t get enough of them. I say multicultural as I embody a few continents  all at once in my head. But wouldn’t it be so much fun just to turn the handwritten pages of my journal and  in an instant, recall something that brings on a frown or smile.  In tracing the history of my reads and being sometimes absent-minded, I would hopefully find the effort painless and elementary.


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