Journeys – Dublin Feb 2010

This weekend, I pack. There was a small matter with my airline ticket that needed to be sorted. I was told that this would be rectified  at the check-in counter without mishap but while I am  spontaneous and daring about movement; have also learnt through hindsight, that a stitch in time saves nine.

If you desire to celebrate a later encounter, then the less hassle the better. One of my rare, incumbent philosophies that do work.

Thus, I decided to jump on the bus where I could be assured of parting ways with very little cash – a balm for paranoia in this case; head for the airport and have my flight details attended to in a jiffy.  The airline counter staff  made the necessary amendments within five minutes and set my ticket right so that gave me time afterwards for a walkabout. I bought magazines and went to a cafe, something I regaled in without luggage and the bane of having to watch a clock.

I am impatient to leave Ireland for a month.  I am flying to a major destination which will involve good times with the craft of writing and with books. First, 2 stopovers, each involving a few days. I am somewhat superstitious with regards to jinxing an episode before it takes place.  Never fear. I will let you know my locations as I am about to take off or when already there.

What a joy it is to pack a suitcase that doesn’t involve mountaineering equipment for a change!  I’ll relive that ordeal in April. This time, I shall with much flourish, throw a few things into my bag  – and how light too, that bag will be on starting off. A regular Dick Whittington in my case.  Of course, I shall pick up many new titles along my routes. I’m also thankful that I can spend Valentine’s  Day with Des on a Sunday and not have had to tragically miss it.


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