Diary Jottings Feb 2010

Note: I recalled this snippet a moment ago. I had placed it on my Facebook page  yesterday but think it finds a cosier home here. I’ve also tidied up frayed ends.  I had woken up and watched the seagulls from the balcony with a coffee in my hand. From nowhere, the snow arrived and the landscape changed and the white clouds fled. This stayed nothing more than a short interlude and the scene would change once more. In a wink of an eye, the weather transformed itself three times. I capture the moment in  animated form.

Dublin 9th Feb. 10.45am: This morning, I stood at the balcony to watch the seagulls play. In their exuberance over spring, I was treated to a circus of twirls, spins and dives. Then a light dusting of snow pounced at speed, eager to watch the scene. The snow was not invited so the seagulls squawked up a frantic disbelief!

The snow got scared and went away again. An inspecting cirrus on its morning beat was glad it did not have to make a citizen’s arrest. It felt important and hired skinny blue strips of sky as elegant bodyguards to keep the peace. That’s why my Dublin suburb is something of a nice day today. – susan abraham


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