Diary Jottings: Dublin February 2010

by Susan Abraham

Dublin, Feb 10, 14.31hrs:  An utterly splendid day in Dublin today. The sun shines with such ferocity, the odd bumbling raincloud will with resignation,  find another parking bay somewhere in the wide blue skies.

Hence, I cannot  in  the least, feel sorry for it, although don’t get me wrong; I do love rain and the patter of drops druming up a window pane. This happens when poignancy befriends me with relish on the day of a strange mood.  For the moment, I feel blessed to engage with a merry watercolour palette that stares down at me long and hard, from somewhere far and beautiful.

Still, if comparisons triumph, then Tanzania and the Zanzibar win hands-down when it comes to vibrancy on a bad sky day. I can’t stop talking enough about East Africa.

Hearing from my mountain guide – one of two – is always a bright spark – and an email message relayed that he’s off to a wildlife safari for a week but will send me photographs on his return. There is particularly one, I want you to see, that of a lone bright pink baby crab that spilled out of the Marangu Waterfalls on a rainy afternoon, beleaguered but none the worse for wear; my tiny handsome adventurer as it attempted to fight a duel and grab our hamper – purely for survial purposes – with its sharp finely-tuned pincers. The Marangu Waterfalls lie on the slope of the Kilimanjaro in Moshi village.

Now, this reminds me, that I’ll be climbing the mountain again on a  private route in April. I must reach the summit. The last time was just three hours away when a leg became injured. I was so close and almost there.

My irrepressible energy untamed, I have  just spent time with the airline’s offices here in Dublin, bringing up my flight dates. I have become famous now for penalty payments and did you know like currency exchange, rates differ  and this time round I will pay 10 euros less as compared to the last postponement.

It is a big, bright and beautiful day and my heart leaps with joy at watching the seagulls play.

Credit: Free clipart courtesy of KarenWhimsy


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