Diary Jottings

Captions: Women in a Dar-es-Salaam market in Tanzania wait by the seashore at midday for fishermen to haul in their catch & rainclouds hover over a ferry, carrying islanders to the Kigamboni port in Dar.

by Susan Abraham

I am about to travel shortly once more. For readers, who know me, this is a particular brand of hedonism I adore. I’d say travel, African safaris, world literature and world cinema top my priority for emotional investments, that challenge any life journey course. I also have an endearing interest in  British New Wave and New Age music, together with cookbooks that offer lavish cuisine which dig deep into family life or promising exotic journeys.

Now that I think about it, I haven’t been to many parts of the world. I know few regions  – too few for my own liking – but because I am to often return in my feverish desire as the wandering prodigal child, I know my regions well.

I returned to Dublin not too long ago after almost two months  in East Africa. My apartment in a suburb close to the city, stays my oasis but now that I’ve had my fill, an irrepressible energy and exuberance will see me off again.  Notwithstanding, I plan to stay close to my library in Dublin, all through the summer ensconced in my armchair and surrounded by my reads before flying again in the autumn.  But allow me to keep my  immediate destinations a surprise for the moment.

It was with some wonderment that on my return from Tanzania and the Far East almost two weeks ago, that  I would find myself eager once more to read South Asian fiction after a long gap. There was also a desire to procure as many Iranian and Middle-Eastern stories for myself. I read Arabian fiction with a passion from March 2008 right up to about a year later. I will always be thankful to Rajaa al Sanea’s Girls of Riyadh who put me on that gleeful roller-coaster ride. My present  book passions could have been derived from being engulfed in a variety of scents, spices, kaleidoscopic scenes and one atmospheric mood too many, from the last time.

I can’t decide what I am to start reading tonight. I’ll make up my mind in a minute.

Credit: Photographs are writer’s own.


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