Dublin: Feb 5 2010 1pm: A View

by Susan Abraham

Dublin Feb 5, 1pm: The day is crisp & golden outside my window. Where are the wind & rain? They promised me a tempestuous waltz! Now, a runaway cloud like a harmless snowflake dashes past on a blue sky, crying for its mummy. The seagulls perform a matinee for free – ballet spins & a gregarious magpie for a touch of the burlesque. The trees are off to shop – the sales are on for the slickest summer greens!

Postscript: It became very cold once more at four but the sunshine and I had a moment in the early spell of a bright afternoon. Then wrapped in its warm glowing kiss, I wanted to write of songs, dances and merry escapades.

Credit: Free clip art of bird-drawing courtesy of Karen Whimsy.com


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