Why I Must Write

by Susan Abraham

What a luxury to be writing for myself, for a change!

As a magazine journalist or even with a books blog, I was writing about and for others in a way that was served directly or indirectly. This is a wonderful thing but such an ambition claims its own purpose and its own world.  In the last years, I was doing this full-time with nothing of the self except for the travels. I once was writing fervently and it didn’t matter the hours in the day. I had radio plays (childrens’ and adults) and short stories (also childrens’ and adults) aired over Radio Malaysia/traditional print and poetry published in the small presses in England. How I have missed that creative engagement especially that of the plays. I may have tidily curtained it into the distant past.

So much of the magazine journalism and later the book blogs took over – when I was doing other things – and there was a long gap. Just reading serious fiction alone, offered countless pleasure. The beauty of books make for the masquerade of a cushioned zone. If you never want to write again, you can slumber eternally on the luxurious affordability of other peoples’ stories. One’s own identity becomes subdued like that of an individual who takes on a compromising role in any partnership. The emotions may playact that of a wife who suddenly wants out of a marriage, blaming a careless abandonment of individualism. I forgot that I wrote.

From two days ago, while writing this new work of narrative non-fiction – something I’ve not tried before but decided on after much soul-searching in Africa and plan to finish before another mountain climb in the coming weeks, I could actually feel the transition of returning like a prodigal daughter once more to a personality… extraordinary and long remembered. I recall the books I read when I was younger and the simple joys of dreams.

How much then the celebration especially when subjected to the humility of such a conjecture as that of a simple word count. Hopefully, I shall keep it up.

Picture is a reproduction of a painting titled ‘Woman Writing’ by  Edouard Manet


2 responses to this post.

  1. Dear friend Susan
    Congratulations for your new home on the net.
    I am so glad to be in this site and away from the facebook.
    Here, I find it calm and feel its beauty.Really you have a nice taste for colors and design which I admire.
    Thank you again for this piece of art.
    Regards from
    Tayseer Nazmi


  2. Hi Tayseer,
    I will make this site nice for you. 🙂
    Thank you for your friendship. That makes me very happy.


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